Old Year’s / Trans(lation)port

don't say what you                             mean                                     ‎    spirited a way                  with words            I'm getting you away from your point                                (Cuz who's keeping score) but with the program Rerouting to truth following in footsteps of centipedes Because they say walking is free                                             So Be It because we started closer thn we thought … Continue reading Old Year’s / Trans(lation)port


Mayiimbo in Motion

We witnessed you The moment you found out What feet were for Re-placing them unsteadily Hips woOo-bbling the Rest of you abOut. Even you Seemed as shocked as The rest of us Though none of us has any right to be So surprised by the normal Course of things.               A beat and then: Your … Continue reading Mayiimbo in Motion


It's a special kind of pain. Like your heart is nauseous and fevery and suffocating all at once. But mixed with moments of almost-numb pins and needles prickliness. At specific sunsets it seems not worth the toll to squash this certain sadness. And so I feel. I count myself lucky-once-removed if there are friends around … Continue reading Lucky-Once-Removed

Sept so far: New kids, girl power, busy bees

September has been a whirlwind so far, so this is gonna be a rough hack update rather than something nice to read. Oh well. First I went to "posting": helping the 12 new health and education volunteers in my province get oriented to the province and do all their shopping before moving into their new … Continue reading Sept so far: New kids, girl power, busy bees

When you picture a farmer

For today,  A simple question or two: When you picture a farmer  Like my baTaata A lanky, hair-turning-frosty-aged man named Stern  In rural Zambia With a sunsweat-streaked brow Making bales of feed By stomping cowpeas  Into a pit he dug, When you picture such a farmer How do you imagine  The tune he is humming? … Continue reading When you picture a farmer

A compost fever dream

I started playing with words while studying vocab today and accidentally wrote my first poem in Tonga. It's probably chock full of grammatical errors but I'll just claim poetic license. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to insert audio I recorded, but here's Tonga text, followed by rough English translation:   Cilotoyota Ndalikulota kuti ndalikuyota … Continue reading A compost fever dream

New friends, new fruits

Just think: there are people out there in this world who you would love with your whole heart, and you both dont even know it. And somewhere on this Earth there is a tree growing bearing fruits you've never even imagined, whose flavors you wouldn't have dreamed. Remember this mere existence, for there lies magic. And if you should ever get to meet such people, or taste such fruits, I can tell you: there's nothing luckier.