New friends, new fruits

Needless to say, there’s a lot of newness in my life these days. Some of it is more pleasant than other bits. I’d like to celebrate the good sides of it today.

We Peace Corps volunteers call each other “government-issued friends”. But in some cases these relationships feel less by circumstance alone than others. In other words, I’ve met some pretty cool people here. In that spirit, first a platonic love poem I wrote for someone I met recently: 

First Impression

I know we just met

And what do I know of you, really

But all I can say is in this moment 

   From this angle

     With this lighting

      In this cigar smoke haze

       What I can see of you–

        The supportive, silly, conscientious 

             streaks of soul

Look rather radiant

And I should be so lucky 

To come back time and time again

And create smudge-shape memories 

Of you on my canvas mind.

I’m not saying you have to be my friend.

If at the evening’s end

you leave me on the dance floor

And chassE away

Be free

Just know that I’m sorry for your pain

And thankful for your joy

The bits I know about

And all the bits I don’t

Know that I would hold your shoulders uncritically, unconditionally

And if you “OD” at my door with an empty pitcher, I will fill it 

with nothing but love 

And if you pass by with it already full,

I will see to it that it overflows,

Using the extra drips 

To mix the colors you embody in that instant

On a harmonious note, I’m in love with these fruits called “imbula” in Tonga. (I can’t find a translation or any info about them online.) I’ve never had fresh dates  but they seem maybe a bit like that, with a pasty yellow flesh and large pit. They smell almost winelike with some type of earthy nuttiness, and like cacao–maybe cocoa butter, actually. They taste like these things plus pear, or perhaps pineapple without any of its acidity. First in season of several native fruits I’ve never heard of. These were given to me by a women’s club I visited, but there is a tree outside my house whose fruits aren’t ripe yet. I’ve got my eye on it now.

Just think: there are people out there in this world who you would love with your whole heart, and you both dont even know it. And somewhere on this Earth there is a tree growing with fruits you’ve never even imagined, whose flavors you wouldn’t have dreamed. Remember this mere existence, for there lies magic. And if you should ever get to meet such people, or taste such fruits, I can tell you: there’s nothing luckier. 


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