The Future Forest and the Mouse Morgue: A Season of Life and Death in my Little Hut

When I was first getting settled in my new living quarters here in Zambia, I mentioned to a more senior volunteer that I was thinking of building an addition to my gazebo. I wanted to make a raised-bed herb garden. "Oh yeah," they said, "just make sure you buy your bricks soon, before the end … Continue reading The Future Forest and the Mouse Morgue: A Season of Life and Death in my Little Hut


Just before you go: Eradicating poverty in 5 minutes or less

"Yes, of course, madam, I understand [that you're several hours late for your next meeting]. But just quickly -- before you go, what would be your advice for Zambians who are hoping to eradicate poverty as to what they can do in order to do so?" 

Family Autobiography Project #1: Edith

I (over?)think a lot about storytelling. Especially the stories we tell about ourselves. In the age of social media, generally speaking, most people have more tools than ever for narrating their own lives to an audience. I hate introducing people to each other. I love putting people in a room together and making those connections, … Continue reading Family Autobiography Project #1: Edith

Old Year’s / Trans(lation)port

don't say what you                             mean                                     ‎    spirited a way                  with words            I'm getting you away from your point                                (Cuz who's keeping score) but with the program Rerouting to truth following in footsteps of centipedes Because they say walking is free                                             So Be It because we started closer thn we thought … Continue reading Old Year’s / Trans(lation)port

The bad, the good, and the beautiful

The Bad After a couple weeks of trainings, I got back to the village eager to see how my tree nursery must have spurted. I'm focusing on species that are good as live fencing in order to create a solid space where future tree nurseries are well protected. There are, after all, certain vulnerabilities in … Continue reading The bad, the good, and the beautiful

​How to Aid with Food: Start Asking Better Questions to the Right People

After we finished this spur-of-the-moment interview I thanked baTaata and said that I think it's important for people to hear how someone with his perspective would answer these types of questions. I know that there are a lot of people all over the world who care very much about the idea that everyone should have enough food to eat, and that farmers shouldn't be struggling so much. But I think too much of the time we only hear ideas about how to help that come from a distance. I told him too that I think a lot of the time the problem is really the questions that we ask.